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Bitter End Airsoft Gear Impact Test

I have received many inquiries over the years about the impact strength of the stamped steel that is used in Bitter End Airsoft Gear.

Rightfully so; players want to be sure that Bitter End Airsoft Gear will protect them from incoming rounds.

The following test was conducted using my CA M4 variant; highly modified AEG platform Sniper rifle.


Ammunition that was used for this particular test was the .20 gram 6MM BIO BB's manufactured by Excel. 


This AEG was Chronographed using an X CORTECH X3200


The FPS varied from between 525 and 535 FPS with the .20 gram 6MM Excel BIO BB during 6 test rounds through the chronograph.

Previously I have conducted similar test using a much heavier .36 gram BB netting similar results.


The stamped steel does a remarkable job at dissipating the energy of an incoming round; the surrounding metal aids in the diffusion, as the energy is absorbed across a larger area.

As a side note; small impact dimples can be manipulated back into place (hammer and dolly work the best) if you want to keep your gear looking new. Some players allow their Bitter End Gear to accumulate all of the wear and tear that has been dished out, opting for a more battle worn look.

In the following photograph you will see there is a BB that appears to be sitting on the stamped steel, in the depression of a stamped steel sample.  This is the 6th round that was shot intentionally into the same location. The metal has stretched enough to grab the back of the BB to hold it in place.

This is an EXTREME test that you would never encounter in an Airsoft game situation


It is my opinion [as well as thousands of other players across the World] that Bitter End Airsoft Gear will, has, and will continue to protect players from a high speed impact that might occur from an Airsoft replica during normal and safe play.

Bitter End




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