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Over the years I have received many emails about quality and service from players just like you from around the World. Here are a few testimonials from Airsoft players that use Bitter End Airsoft Gear

  • Hey Mark, got my goggles back last night! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for getting them back to me so quickly and in time for my event this weekend. Your work is excellent and I am very pleased. I, as will the rest of my team continue to support and recommend you to other potential  customers.

    Kindest regards,

    callsign: WOODY
    The Regiment.
  • The mask came today! Thank you sooo much! I've been encouraging a lot of people in the NCAO to look into your masks & goggles. I love mine and your customer service has been fantastic all 3 times I've ordered from you.

    ~ Becky
  • I'd like to personally thank you for your craftsmanship on this mask. You have done an excellent job in protecting everyone in the air soft community that has the privilege to wear one of these masks. I wear these with the Flakjak goggles and they are a perfect fit. I will be ordering 2 more soon. Again thank you very much. These should be mandatory to have .

  • I just got back from Claybank 2010 in Claybank, Saskatchewan. Almost 300 players got together for some fun (and rain) and we had some pretty intense "battles" in the clayworks buildings.  My new Bitter End Lower Face Mask got a workout and I have to say that it did it's job excellent and with style. Looked great, felt great, protected great. Thanks for an awesome product !!!
  • Hi, received my sets of goggles and face masks you painted in Flecktarn , they are soooo jaw dropping gorgeous! Excellent paint job and quality act.
    We are gaming this coming Sunday can't wait!!!!.
  • I received my goggles today.  They are awesome and exactly what I was expecting for you to send.  The turn around time from when I ordered the goggles to when the package arrived in my mailbox was amazing.  I'm sure plenty of people will ask me where did I get my goggles and I will gladly point them in your direction.  Thanks!

    Adero Paige

  • I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service, the masks are great. I'm looking forward to some fog free skirmishing with them.  
  • Hi Mark! I just received the shipment with the masks. I wish to thank you personally the kind treatment you have given us and the quick response. It was a pleasure to deal with you and it is likely to ask for more soon.

    In Spain, I have talked with several airsoft groups and strongly recommended your product, most of them have expressed their intentions to buy. The quality of the masks are just impressive.

    Once again, thanks.

    Best regards

  • Hey Mark, Everything arrived yesterday and I wanted to thank you for the craftsmanship and speedy build/delivery time. These are stellar and I cant wait to break them in. Again, thank you Sir.


  • I just received my purchase from you of a pair of Wiley CQC's and a half face mask and just wanted to say thank you, with a two week turn around (even with Easter) and being custom painted for me, I am one very happy customer, will certainly be recommending you, thank you again.


  • Just received my lower face mask, it truly is fantastic, and only 7 days from America to Ireland. I will certainly be shopping with you again.


  • I got a couple of your glasses here a few weeks ago, just a quick email to say they ROCK !!!
    They give you the edge when your on the field!! Thanks again mate they are well worth it!



  • Hiya mate, just wanted to let you know how much I think the specs were the best investment I have made. They give me excellent protection at all times, and no fog up. This weekend in low temperatures, been playing in some thick heavy kit, got a little too warm at times and would normally have been fogged up, not today, clear view all day long. Saved my ass a few times as well.

    Thanks a lot for an excellent job.


  • Since the first time I tried on a pair of these stamped steel lens glasses, I haven't used anything else for Airsoft. They are light weight, look great, and you can actually paint them to match the color of the camo you wear! I've even used them for night mission, and had no problem using them with night vision. The best part however, has to be not fogging up anymore. Before, there were times when my goggles fogging up would make it so I was battlefield ineffective. Those days are behind me now thanks to these glasses.

    DEADLY - Team M.A.G.
  • Ever since I swapped to your stamped steel lens goggles, I will never go back! The quality and durability is awesome and plus there isn't any fogging and the lens can take a high powered impact from an AEG to a Gas Sniper with out any give.

    Derek Mayberry

  • I was using plastic lensed goggles that fogged up really bad. Then I found these and have been very happy with them! The stamped steel lenses make it impossible to fog up, and they can take a hit. Comfortable and stylish!

  • I was convinced there was nothing better out there when one of my teammates, Ben, tripped and fell on a stick. He ended up with a pretty nasty black eye, but the stamped steel goggles saved him from becoming blind. Something that can take a hit like that, and not fog up, is definitely a quality product.

    The cool thing is, Ben still wears the same goggles, and they only have a little scratch.

    Roger L. Eccles, 1st-Sword Airsoft


  • I can confirm this story and if you any need confirmation on these goggles are the best ones out here I stand behind them 100% and nothing well ever compare to the goggles I use every time I play. If you were to measure the force in FPS I probably hit that branch at 800 or 900fps and it was a direct impact on the stamped steel lens of the goggles and I only ended up with a cut on my nose above my eye and just really bad looking shiner for a week. Thanks Bitter End for the goggles and you have a least one customer for life!





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